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If you love the classic Adirondack chair style, complete your patio with our Adirondack Patio Furniture. We offer a wide array of adirondack patio furniture ranging from Adirondack Chairs and Adirondack Ottomans, Adirondack Love Seats to Adirondack Porch Swings and Adirondack Bar Stools. We offer Adirondack dining chairs and matching outdoor tables in many styles, heights and colors for a contemporary or classic outdoor patio or deck setting. Reward yourself with our top quality, USA Made outdoor Adirondack furniture today and save big!

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Setting the Mood with Adirondack Chairs
Picture yourself in your beautiful backyard kicking back by the pool. You have your favorite beverage in hand, the sun is smiling upon you and so are your friends, and you are not about to go anywhere.

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Like any piece of furniture or any product, there are many grades of quality. A lot of people don’t have a big budget to spend on their outdoor patio however a smaller budget should not mean that you have to compromise quality.

How To Customize Your Adirondack Chair
If you are considering purchasing an Adirondack chair there are many ways to “make it your own”. The typical Adirondack is unpainted and typically cedar, pine, teak or mahogany. The wood is left unfinished so that wood patinas over time.

Recycled Plastic or Traditional Wood?
Learn the differences between the two most popular choices for Adirondack Chair and Adirondack Furniture building material.

Adirondack Chairs: A Brief History
They are the #1 most popular style of outdoor deck or patio furniture. When you imagine yourself sitting on the beach under an umbrella the chair you will envision will more than likely be an Adirondack Chair.