Setting the Mood with Adirondack Chairs

Picture yourself in your beautiful backyard kicking back by the pool. You have your favorite beverage in hand, the sun is smiling upon you and so are your friends, and you are not about to go anywhere. And why should you: You couldn’t be any more comfortable than you are now in your new favorite chair — your Adirondack chair.

Let the kids run and play. Let the guests lie around the pool and stand around the barbecue. But as for you, you have found your spot. That’s how comfortable an Adirondack chair is.When you hear “plastic” you might automatically think “cheap.” But HDPE products are actually high quality and dense. It resists weathering far better than wood and you will never have to repaint your recycled plastic Adirondack chair because the coloring is spread throughout the material itself. As it wears, the same color is below the surface. Also, the HDPE is very solid and thick, making the Adirondack chair nice and sturdy.

What makes this chair so comfortable? Maybe it is the angle at which it lays you back into itself. Or, maybe it is the broad arms that support yours at just the right level. Or, it could be the high back that supports your head while you take in all of the fresh air. Whatever it is, it is a winner and guaranteed to demand your attention for a leisurely afternoon.

Though these chairs are gaining popularity, they are not newcomers to the scene. They have been around since the early 1900s. They were invented by a gentleman for use at his mountain home. Originally made from several pieces of wood, the tradition has remained mostly the same; though, you can now find the same design made from recycled and virgin plastic.

Classic Adirondack chairs traditionally have a rustic, natural wood look, but it is becoming just as normal to paint them in bright colors to set a mood. Recent additions also include leg rests, similar to those of a chaise lounge chair, and even matching ottomans. Who could have known that these chairs could become even more comfortable than they already were?

Another contemporary change in Adirondack furniture is the wicker chair. However, the only real similarity to the traditional one is the back, which has a contoured design. On many of the contemporary models, one of the best features, the wide arms, has gone by the wayside but there is still striking similarity in the design.

The wide arms are not only comfortable for resting your own arms upon, they are convenient for setting things on. This eliminates the need for a table to set drinks and snacks on. But to each his own, and you may prefer the narrow arms.

The contoured back has even evolved with some models. In some of these cases, everything else remains the same, including the arms, except the top of the back of the chair has a unique design. Again, whatever makes your boat float — or, whatever you enjoy sitting in to watch somebody else’s boat float.

You can get some that are especially unique. They make them for kids, as loveseats, loveseat porch swings, Adirondack folding chairs, and bar chairs. You can even get an Adirondack rocking chair. Just be careful, though, you may never want to get out of that one.

Author: Michelle Lee

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