Recycled Plastic or Traditional Wood

When trying to decide on ordering which type of Adirondack chair, it can be confusing because of the choices in materials. One of the big reasons for this choice in materials, much like other products is cost. Some materials cost more than others and some materials do more than others for the environment.

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs
Picture the huge island of plastic bottles floating around in the Pacific ocean, gathered together in mass that rivals the state of New York in size. This floating plastic monstrosity is killing sea life and will be around for thousands of years. The ocean currents carry it over thousands of miles all over the ocean. This is where plastic recycled Adirondack chairs come in to the picture. This product uses high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same plastic used in all those bottles floating around. The artificial wood produced for use in our recycled adirondack chairs is 100% recycled materials. So by buying Adirondacks made with this material you are actually helping the planet.

When you hear “plastic” you might automatically think “cheap.” But HDPE products are actually high quality and dense. It resists weathering far better than wood and you will never have to repaint your recycled plastic Adirondack chair because the coloring is spread throughout the material itself. As it wears, the same color is below the surface. Also, the HDPE is very solid and thick, making the Adirondack chair nice and sturdy.

Traditional Wood Adirondack Chairs
Wood choices are abundant. There are hardwoods that last longer. Woods that resist moisture. Woods that smell pleasant and woods that are simply used because they cost less.

But a wood Adirondack chair has the traditional allure of the outdoors and nature whether it is on the beach or at your cabin in the woods. Beautiful wood grain and color of the different wood choices can be breathtaking. Most woods can be protected from the elements with staining and coatings to protect this beauty. Also with wood, price is a very good indicator of quality. Visit the huge retail chains to see low quality Adirondack chairs that are both rickety and may not make it through one season. For an example, a high quality Adirondack chair constructed of 100% Dark Red Meranti Variety Mahogany is resistant to insects and rot. On the other hand, low quality woods will rot quickly outdoors and not hold up to the test of time. Pine is another good choice for wood Adirondack chairs. It holds up well (not as well as Mahogany) and offers an affordable choice.

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