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TerraBound Solutions, Inc. provides a wide range of premium quality outdoor picnic tables for your outdoor site amenity needs at affordable prices. We will deliver your picnic table to you for added ease! Explore our commercial and residential products for big savings on premium quality, durable picnic seating. TerraBound features many varieties including wood, recycled plastic, metal coated, aluminum, children’s, wheelchair accessible or ADA friendly, and a wide range of site amenities that compliment these outdoor products.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables (23)

Coated Metal Picnic Tables (55)

Wood Picnic Tables (8)

Aluminum Picnic Tables (9)

Concrete Picnic Tables (6)

Children's Picnic Tables (19)

Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables (32)

Round Picnic Tables (28)

Square Picnic Tables (21)

Rectangular Picnic Tables (61)

Octagon Picnic Tables (6)

Hexagon Picnic Tables (11)

Picnic Tables
Commercial picnic tables are an inexpensive way to enjoy meals outdoors and spend time with friends or family. It’s also great to simply take a break and go eat your lunch outside. They are perfect for parks, schools, campgrounds, outdoor corporate break areas, sports stadiums, and other outdoor dining and picnic areas. Commercial picnic tables are available in a range of sturdy materials and built to last for years of use in high traffic spots and not so high traffic spots.

Here is a guide on the materials and styles available to you in choosing your next park or recreation outdoor site furnishing.

Most tables are available in a variety of shapes: traditional rectangle, round, octagon, hexagon. You can also get wheelchair friendly or “ADA accessible” tables. More traditional styles will have built in seats to climb over and others will offer open ends for those not so open to climbing.

Wood Picnic Tables are the most common selection. Generally made of a wood top in the strongest oak, cedar, douglas fir, cherry, teak or pine and a reinforced steel frame, these offer strength as well as traditional styling. Many US parks utilize the traditional picnic table as it is cost effective and easy to maintain. Tables made of all wood are generally used for more domestic applications but can also be used in supervised, lower traffic settings.

Concrete Picnic Tables are perfect for unsupervised areas along trails where campers and hikers might frequent. Due to the density of concrete, once installed it is not going anywhere. Because of this, one would generally need machinery like a fork lift to move or install. Obviously quite sturdy, it is also very low maintenance and cost effective and is generally offered precast and available with a reinforced steel frame for high traffic. Its main attribute is that it is SO durable and resistant to the damages Mother Nature might cause.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables
These are a popular, eco-friendly solution and we actually recommend this over all other materials for many reasons. First of all, by purchasing recycled plastic you are taking action to support green living. What easier way to be green is there than simply making a few consumer choices? Secondly, recycled plastic is inherently American made. It wouldn’t make sense to import recycled plastic, would it? The recycled plastic chips are taken from our post consumer waste, like milk jugs. The material is then made into lumber. This recycled plastic lumber is a really unique super material that is being used for more and more outdoor applications every day. It can be used for fences, decks, and various outdoor furnishings like Adirondack chairs. Last, but not least it simply outperforms wood in many capacities. It does not mold, mildew or rot. It does not require resanding, repainting, or any form of refinishing making it maintenance free. It is easy to clean with just soap and water. It can withstand the toughest weather Mother Nature has to offer. It also does not splinter, and is solid and strong like wood making it kid proof! Recycled plastic also looks stylish. It is easy to manipulate like wood, but better as it comes in any color imaginable and can be used in very contemporary or classic fabrications. See also Recycled Plastic Park Benches.

Powder Coated or Thermoplastic Coated Steel
These offer long lasting performance in high traffic areas due to their strong metal infrastructure and coated exterior. Plastic coating and powder coating are two options and function similarly. The powder coat or plastic exterior keeps the metal from rusting, making it corrosion resistant and also scratch resistant. These are also available in any design imaginable and any vibrant color imaginable because it is powder coated. We also offer thermoplastic coated park benches!

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