How To Customize Your Adirondack Chair

If you are considering purchasing an Adirondack chair there are many ways to “make it your own”. The typical Adirondack is unpainted and typically cedar, pine, teak or mahogany. The wood is left unfinished so that wood patinas over time. This look is very traditional.

If traditional patio furniture isn’t your cup of tea there are many Adirondacks that are available with a range of bright paint finishes. This allows you to add some flare to your backyard in the atypical lime green or apple red! You can also put your creative spin on it and purchase an unfinished chair and treat or paint it yourself. By painting it yourself there are many more possibilities making your Adirondack chair a real conversation piece. You can paint a striking image or painting of an inspiring landscape or outdoor motif. Add polka dots or expressive paint marks. Or try different slat colors and make your Adirondack chairs a kaleidoscope of color!

With wood you can even hand carve or engrave beautiful detailing or someone’s name into the slat back or arms making your outdoor chair one of a kind.

Many wood Adirondack chairs incorporate beautiful cuts and designs that redefine the Adirondack style. The overall “idea” is still there, but the tops of the slats and backs come in so many different styles and cuts now making your lounging experience more aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.

Another interesting spin on the Adirondack is to avoid the typical materials it is made with. There are more eccentric style chairs designed in the Adirondack chair but made entirely out of snow skis, snow boards, surf boards, and more. There are even chairs with golf club backs.

A more toned down venture into material experimentation is to forgo wood all together and use recycled plastic lumber. This super medium is actually better than wood, and better for the environment. By using it not only are you investing in something that will outlast wood but you are making a statement about being green! This material also comes in any color imaginable.

Don’t stop with the Adirondack chair. Keep going with accent pieces of Adirondack furniture that coordinate. Create a perfect little outdoor zen with matching ottomans and side tables that can be decorated in a similar creative fashion as the chair.

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