TerraBound Solutions features an affordable collection of bollards. Prevent vehicles from speeding through pedestrian friendly areas with bollard posts, limit access, warn and guide.

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Triangle Bollard Bike Rack

Dimensions: 21.5"W x 36"H Capacity: 2+ bikes Frame: 1.9” OD steel tubing

Safety Bollard

Dimensions: (selected height) x 8"W

Rockland Bollard

Dimensions: (selected height) x (selected width)

Parking Blocks

Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 75" Weight: 40 lbs.

Newport Bollard

Dimenstions: (selected height) x 6"W Weight: 153 lbs. (8ft.)

Modern Bike Bollard

Dimensions: (selected height) x 4"W Weight: 35 lbs. (3ft.), 45 lbs. (4ft.)

Hampton Bollard

Dimenstions: 4"W x (selected height) Weight: 153 lbs. (8ft.)

Dover Bollard

Dimension: (selected height) x 6"W Weight: 153 lbs. (8ft.)

15″ Concrete Bollard

Dimensions: 15"D x 36"H Weight: 500 lbs.