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TerraBound Solutions, Inc. provides a wide selection of premium quality outdoor site solutions.  We are product experts in parks and recreation, offering site amenities and furnishings, playground equipment, dog park equipment, patio furniture, outdoor sports equipment, drinking fountains, and much more. Our products provide quality, functionality, and aesthetics to any outdoor environment whether it be a beautiful custom bench along a tree lined path or the ultimate dog park obstacle course.


We strive to be green!  It is part of our mission to not only offer the beautiful, sturdy, quality products but also as many eco-friendly and sustainable product materials as we can to help preserve and protect our environment.  Many items utilize recycled plastic lumber, sustainably grown wood, or recycled metals.  Our recycled plastics that are comprised of milk jugs and other recycled household plastics outperform and outlast any traditional lumber with little to no maintenance over time.


You and Terra Bound Solutions made my day with your quick response and help that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and the help to solve my pet station problems.  I will make all future purchase through your company.

Site Landscape Development February 26, 2016