Pro Tips for Patio Furniture

Patio furniture comes in a bewildering array of styles, colors and shapes. How exactly can anyone choose? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before shopping for a new patio set.

The first thing any homeowner might consider is to decide how they will be using the space. Is there a pool in the backyard adjacent to the patio? Then recycled plastic, resin or waterproofed wicker furniture will be the best choice. Throw a lot of parties outdoors? Choose sturdy outdoor tables with lots of cushioned chairs. Want to read a book in the sun? Then chaise lounge chairs are perfect for a little R&R.

The second thing a homeowner should do is measure the patio area. Why? Because it makes no sense to place a giant table and chair set in an eight foot by eight foot square space. There will be no room for anyone to move. Likewise, if the patio area is twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet, placing a tiny wicker end table and two chairs means wasted space.

The third thing to think about is what style will go with the home. Resin, recycled plastic and wicker furniture are easy to care for and will stay nice for years provided some basic maintenance is performed. These pieces of furniture lend a casual look to any backyard. For a more formal look, one can use wrought iron furniture. It is elegant but heavy and impractical to use. Aluminum is a great substitute, easy to clean and lasts for years. For those who prefer a rustic look, wood furniture is easily available. Wood furniture can be made from “common” wood such as pine and cedar, to “exotic” wood such as mahogany, teak, and bamboo. Teak, followed by eucalyptus woods are the best to use because they resist termites and mold; but they can be expensive. A popular style of chair is the Adirondack chair. It’s classic design is over 100 years old and synonymous with outdoor relaxing. Also, do not forget to try the furniture before it is bought! If the furniture is creaky, unstable or splintery, the chances of it being used and enjoyed are extremely low.

Another thing a homeowner might consider for added storage space are a set of deck boxes, or outdoor storage units. These can be made of the same materials as the furniture and serve as a place to hide clutter. A storage bench is both practical and useful because it provides both seating and storage. Plain storage cabinets that look like end tables or armoires exist as well and work perfectly for storing larger things such as pool toys.

What is the crowning touch to any patio? Patio umbrellas! These come in many different styles as well. The simplest is the regular patio umbrella, with a wooden or metal pole through the middle. An offset patio umbrella can be mounted onto a wall to provide shade; perfect for those with limited space. A cantilever umbrella is attached to a pole, but the pole does not go through the middle of the umbrella; it curves off to the side, allowing greater space under the umbrella.

Choosing a patio set is not as daunting as it seems. An afternoon spent online or in a patio furniture store can lead to finding that perfect patio set.

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