Why Pool Climbing Walls are Awesome

Who would have thought you could combine wall climbing with swimming? But if you want a safe, totally awesome climbing experience, then pool climbing walls (such as those provided by Terra Bound Solutions) are just the thing. Wall climbing can be a challenge at the best of times, but imagine the fun you would have trying to do it with wet hands? If you add a climbing wall to a pool, you instantly have a great activity with no safety equipment required – if you lose your grip all that happens is you get a dunking in the pool.

Benefits of Wall Climbing
You would think that going for a swim would be all the workout you need, but it seems for a complete full body workout little beats climbing a wall. Each and every muscle in your body is used during the climb, with obvious benefits to strength, endurance and toning. Who needs to go to the gym when a swim combined with a climb will give you all the workout you need, and would be much more fun than pounding a treadmill alone.

When climbing, total concentration on your task is must, unless you feel like falling at lot. This concentration is doubly important when using aquatic climbing walls, as with wet hands and often wet hand holds failure to pay attention will end your climb with a splash. This practicing of concentration will increase your mental focus overall, bringing impacts to all of your life activities. Imagine how much more productive you would be at work if your concentration was boost by just 10%?

Your planning abilities will also be put to the test on the wall, as to get to the top quickly, easily and safely, you need to figure out the best route. Sometimes it will need a little trial and error, but constant practice of solving these problems will have long term benefits. As they say, practice makes perfect, and regularly exercising your planning and decision making will make it easier to solve problems away from the pool wall.

Just as swimming can be a social event, so too can wall climbing. If you combine the two, the social benefits can be amazing, especially as climbing bonding tends to be more intense than your usual social activities. If you want to make a friendship closer, or find new lifelong friends, then take up the challenge presented by a swimming pool climbing wall.

Even those with disabilities can benefit from wall climbing, particularly when combined with water activities. You can disguise the therapy that they need with the fun of playtime. People with almost any type of disability can benefit, from all the reasons mentioned above, as well as improvements to balance and hand-eye coordination, aerobic capacity and even improve someones ability to stand, walk and more. It is even possible for the blind or amputees to enjoy the challenge of climbing the wall, and enjoy the splash-down at the end too!

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