Why Are Dog Parks Such Great Places to Be?

If you’re a dog owner, no doubt you walk your dog to give you both some exercise, to allow your dog to do his or her “business,” and to meet other dogs and like-minded friends. However, when you walk your dog, it’s likely that you have to have him or her on a leash. Most cities, in fact, require this.

That’s where dog parks come in. Dog parks allow you and your dog the freedom to run free and explore. At dog parks, you don’t have to have your dog on a leash, giving him or her the ability to explore freely and meet new friends without the hindrance of being tethered to you. You can simply sit back and supervise, watch your dog enjoy running and playing, and meet new human and canine friends as well.

What’s in a dog park?
Typically, a dog park is a fenced enclosure with specific entry and exit points for dogs and humans to gain access. Dog park equipment consists of benches for human companions to sit and watch dogs play (whilst chatting with human friends), and places for shade as well as sun. There’s usually water available for thirsty canines, and dog waste receptacles or pet waste stations so that human companions can pick up after their pets while at the site.

Why is a dog park better than simply walking your dog? Free will to run and play with canine friends

Certainly, there is no substitute for walking your dog, and this is still going to be necessary even with access to a dog park. However, because your dog has to be on a leash during this time, your dog doesn’t have the free will to simply run and play as is his nature. At a dog park, dogs can freely run and play with other dogs, something that they have a natural craving for. Dogs are very social beings, and they like to make friends as much as humans do.

Protected and controlled environment
The dog park is also a very controlled environment. Some dog parks, for example, have separate enclosures for small dogs, so that they aren’t put at an unfortunate disadvantage with aggressive larger dogs.

Easy exercise for dogs even if owners have mobility problems
For elderly or disabled owners with mobility issues, the dog park provides a perfect way to give their pets unfettered exercise. They can simply sit back and enjoy companionship and conversation with other dog owners while they watch their own dogs make new friends.

Dog park equipment for convenience
Dog parks also have areas of shade, water receptacles, and pet waste stations or dog waste receptacles right there on site. Dogs will naturally want to “do their business” while at the dog park, and this equipment makes it easy for owners to clean up after pets and provide proper hydration at the same time.

Better socialization for a better behaved dog
Dog experts attest that dogs who only know the leash and never get to run free can become aggressive. By allowing dogs to have free will and run and play with friends as they choose, they become better socialized and less aggressive, which cuts down on problem behavior — for a happier pet and owner.

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