Sports Bleachers Buyer’s Guide

We at TerraBound Solutions understand there are three primary bleacher components buyers consider when making a purchase: the bleachers’ capacity, whether the bleachers are permanent/stationary or portable/movable, and special features.

There are two means of increasing the capacity of bleachers, by adding more rows or by making each row longer. Using this simple formula in conjunction with the fact that 10 average sized people can sit comfortably on a 15 foot bench, we offer bleachers with 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 15 rows and row lengths of 7.5′, 9′, 15′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 33′ and 37′.

To quickly determine how many people can sit on a set of bleachers, simply divide the length of the rows by 1.5 and multiply that sum by the number of rows. For example, if you have a bleachers with four rows with lengths of 7.5, the formula is 7.5 divided by 1.5 multiplied by 4 for a total of 20 spectators that the bleachers can seat.

Our largest unit is bleacher with 15 rows and a maximum row length of 33′ for a total capacity of 330 people. Our smallest unit is a single row bench with a back mount option available with a maximum length of 21 feet. It has a 14 person capacity.

Permanent/Stationary and Portable/Movable
We sell permanent/stationary bleachers as well as portable/movable. Of our twenty models, all are portable-movable if disassembled or segregated, however, we have two styles that are particularly easy to move about. One is for indoor/hard-floor use and the other system makes it possible to move the bleachers over long distances using a flatbed trailer.

Our Tip-N-Roll bleachers were designed for fast and convenient transport over a hard surface. The Tip-N-Roll is suggested for gymnasiums, indoor stages and theatrons. Moving the unit is as simple as tilting the bleachers up onto the wheels located on the back framing and rolling away. This system is available with two to five rows of up to 21′ in length.

Our Towable Bleacher system is available with 7 to 10 rows. Each Towable Bleacher system comes equip with a 12 volt electric motor that folds and unfolds the system and has both a center isle hand rail and guard rails around the perimeter.

Special Features
While not all our customers are interested in special features, we have some which are available at a slightly higher cost than our standard packages and others that we include in an effort to keep fans and patrons as safe as possible. Our two most popular special features are color powder coating to give the bleachers a finer aesthetic look and perforated planks for the seats and footboards. However, we also take a great deal of pride in our guard and hand rail systems.

Guard Rails
Our understanding of the three primary components of bleachers determines the design and engineering of our Terra Bound Solutions team, and with that understanding is a great awareness for safety. Following the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) recommendations and suggestions, we construct several series of bleachers with the ”the footboard, seat board or isle 30 inches or more above the floor or ground,” with guard rails.

In accord with the CPSC admission that there are, ”bleachers with the top row nominally 30 inches above the ground [that] may be exempt from this recommendation,” we make bleachers sets that are higher than 30 inches without guard rails as some facilities do not require code compliance (1).

In other words, we have bleacher sets to accomidate a wide range of demands, both with and without guard and hand rails.

As recommended by the CPSC, those of our bleacher sets with guard rails have no space between the footboard, seat board or isle and the guard rail where children can squeeze under and our guard rails inhibit climbing because we construct them with vertical (and no horizontal) bars or tight weave metal fence. We take our responsibility to make a safe product very seriously.

Low Rise Bleachers and Universal Low Rise Bleachers
Not every event or setting requires grandstand style bleachers. When a simple set of bleachers will suffice and there is greater value in bleachers with a more gradual rise — a setting with a large number of kids for example — our low rise bleacher options are a perfect fit. With these units you are able to achieve more rows under the 30” height restriction avoiding the additional cost of guardrails and double footboards. This is because the first row starts as 12” vs. the standard bleacher starting at 17”. The Low Rise units have 10” planks while the Universal Low Rise offer 12” wide planks for more seat room.

Perforated Bleachers
Perforated bleachers are great for rainy and humid locations because they add extra grip to every step. Along with the additional safety feature, all our perforated bleachers come with a color powder coat package to add extra life and integrity to the seats and footboards.

Standard Powder Coated Bleachers and Powder Coated Tip N Roll Bleachers
Color powder coating is a great way to add style and spirit to your bleachers. There are 12 colors available and they can be mixed and matched in combination to show school pride or organization affiliation.

We offer both Tip-N-Roll and standard bleachers with powder coating options giving you full control over the styling of your outdoor or indoor seating. In addition to just the coloring option, seat pads are also available to make long-term seating more comfortable.

These bleacher seating pads are available in a multitude of colors giving you yet another avenue of branding and styling possibilities.

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