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Towable Bleachers

Price: $23,967.00 - $48,931.00


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Product Summary

Dimensions: (see below for individual sizes)
Set Up Time: 10 minutes

Product Description

Our line of Towable Bleachers are road ready, highway towable systems that provide large-quantity seating quickly wherever it is needed. The systems feature vertical bar guard rails that discourage climbing and reduce liability as well as electric brake, stop, turning, and clearance lights for safety.

All models come equipped with a 12 volt electric motor that unfolds the system with no effort on your part. Once unfolded, a central aisle and sturdy handrails provide east access and safety for your patrons.

Bleacher SizeFoldedUnfoldedCapacityWeight
7 Row 27'L8'6"W x 8'11"H12'9"W x 8'11"H1084,180 lbs.
9 Row 30'L8'6"W x 10'6"H17'4"W x 10'6"H1808,600 lbs.
9 Row 39'L8'6"W x 10'6"H17'4"W x 10'6"H2349,600 lbs.
9 Row 45'L8'6"W x 10'6"H17'4"W x 10'6"H27010,650 lbs.
10 Row 30'L8'6"W x 12'9"H19'4"W x 11'2"H2008,800 lbs.
10 Row 39'L8'6"W x 12'9"H19'4"W x 11'2"H26410,300 lbs.
10 Row 45'L8'6"W x 12'9"H19'4"W x 11'2"H30011,750 lbs.

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