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Snug Standard Plus Mound Play System

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Product Summary

Weight: 473 lbs.

Product Description

The Standard + Plus Mound helps children experience different levels and terrains. The Mound dramatically transforms your play area's landscape. The Snug Mound combo comes in five groupings: The Mini, The Mini + Plus, The Standard, The Standard + Plus, and the Standard + Extended. The Mini + Plus Mound is our mid-size system that offers lots of possibilities.

Snug Play USA
Snug Play provides a completely new approach to playgrounds and play areas that reinvents the way children play, learn and develop skills. Snug Play systems are made up of a host of large-scale play elements that can be used separately or brought together in endless configurations. Using these pieces children are able to create dynamic and exciting play spaces where they can actively have fun, learn and explore.

Snug play systems can be used and an extended learning resource to bring learning outside of the classroom and promote active thinking skills. All of the Snug Play systems require no installation and the individual components combine soft yet rigid surfaces for a tactile play experience that is weather-resistant.

The Philosophy
Snug Play was originally developed in the UK after an extensive 3 year study observing how children interacted with play equipment. The basis for the Snug Play idea was to create a set of play pieces that are specifically designed to promote active thinking and problem/puzzle solving skills. The ability to rearrange the Snug Play components in any manner desired allows children to open up their creative sides and come up with new ways to play every single day. This approach to play time promotes the development of skills that benefit all children in the long term.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 473 lbs


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