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Shopping Cart Corral Bump

Price: $179.00


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Product Summary

Made in USA

Kit Includes: (1) Rubber Corral Bump
Dimensions:  8”W x 1.25”H x 8'L
Constructions: Rubber
Installation Hardware:
- Chem Link M1 Structural Adhesive, 10.1 oz cartridge, black, no V.O.C.s
- Rugged Structural Screw – 3/8″ x 4″ – 8 needed per bump

Product Description

This cart safety bump will hold your shopping carts in the corral and assure the cart will not roll out into parking lot traffic, a parked car or a shopper. Shopping Cart Corral Bump is made of 100% Post-Industrial recycled EPDM rubber for strength and durability. The cart safety bump – ramp has a high visibility safety yellow strip with reflective glass beads.

The Shopping Cart Corral Bump has 2 tampered ramps that peak at 1.25 inches high with a width of 8 inches so your shopper can easily maneuver the cart into the corral so they do not roll out into lot traffic. We can extrude any length up to 10 feet continuously and if you need longer ramps, our cart ramp can be easily butted together.

Keep your insurance claims down, your parking lot safe and most of all your shoppers safe with Shopping Cart Corral Bump. Secure your shopping carts where they should be, in your shopping cart corral.

Our shopping cart corral bump keeps carts where they belong without impeding easy entry or removal. The cart bump features 2 tapered ramps that meet at a 1.5” wide center yellow safety strip, keeping patrons safe and preventing carts from rolling out into parking lot traffic. Installation is easy, with Eco-Bond glue adhesive or structural screw anchors. Keeping shopping carts securely stored is critical to parking lot safety and minimizes insurance claim risks. Custom sizes available! Order shopping cart corral bumps online today.





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