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Kodiak Garbage Container

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Product Summary

Dimensions: 63"W x 27"D x 33"H
Weight: 230 lbs.

Product Description


Kodiak Garbage Container is large, strong and provides effective protection. You and your neighbors can rest assured there will be no messy clean up in the morning.

This Kodiak Garbage Container is large enough to hold 8 bags of garbage, and is easily large enough for your home or to share with a neighbor. The KODIAK bin is also suitable for small businesses, for multi unit apartments, group homes, small restaurants, and curbside collection or for intermediate storage of garbage until taken to your municipal waste management center. With its top loading lid, garbage and other waste items are easily put into the bin for secure storage 1 that can keep bears and other wildlife out of your garbage.

Built to keep out the smaller critters like raccoons, squirrels, and rats and will give great results with smaller Black Bears. To meet the requirements of being a Certified Bear Resistant bin you will need to add the Bear Guard brackets, which prevent bears from being able to grab the lids and potentially bend them. With these brackets the KODIAK container is able to stand up to all Black and mid sized (up to 600 lbs.) Grizzly Bears.

The Kodiak Garbage Container is made in a ready to assemble design, and the bins are shipped unassembled in boxes.

Available in Moss Green/Charcoal, Brown/Charcoal, Blue/Charcoal, Beige/Charcoal or all Charcoal.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 280 lbs


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