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3 Row Bleachers

Price: $939.00 - $2,615.00

SKU: 36-42-NR-03

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Product Summary

Please note: Additional surcharges apply


Bleacher Length Dimensions Capacity Weight
7 1/2' Seat Length 30"H x 60"D x 7' 6" 15 109 lbs.
9' Seat Length 30"H x 60"D x 9' 24 123 lbs.
15' Seat Length 30"H x 60"D x 15' 36 200 lbs.
21' Seat Length 30"H x 60"D x 21' 42 278 lbs.
27' Seat Length 30"H x 60"D x 27' 54 388 lbs.

Product Description

Our 3 Row Sports Bleachers are available in five convenient lengths (7 1/2', 9', 15', 21' and 27') to accommodate both spacial and seat capacity needs in your indoor/outdoor sports and recreational area.  Our bleacher construction is designed with durability, longevity and safety in mind with the very best materials manufactured in the USA.  Several additional add ons are available including, rubber bumpers, guardrail systems and ADA-friendly options at an additional cost.

Please Note: In many areas of the country, there are local building and fire codes which require the use of guardrails along with extra footboards and risers on rows higher than 30". Please check your local codes to determine if guardrail assemblies are required in your community.


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