Looking for a classic, rustic look for your outdoor furniture? TerraBound Solutions proudly offers the best quality Hardwood Adirondack chairs, in pine, mahogany, and cedar all made in the USA with #1 Premium grade lumber. Explore our various styles of the traditional, strong, solid wood variety.

A Note On Quality Manufacturing:
It has been our experience that with Adirondack Chairs, the lower the price the lower the quality. While you may find a super inexpensive Adirondack Chair online, you will compromise quality and craftsmanship for a cheap import chair with poor construction, weak wood, and low quality paint.

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Weathercraft Resort Series Balcony Chair

Dimensions: 30 1/2″ Width, 46.5″ Height, 37″ Depth Seat Height: 21 – 22″ high Weight: approx 43 lbs.

Weathercraft Resort Series Chair

Dimensions: 30.5"W 36"H 35"D Weight: 35 lbs.