Park Benches Provide A Moment To Share The Moments

Park benches are a decoration and convenience found in every city. Sometimes they are crafted from wood and iron, steel or recycled plastic. Other times a city bench may be formed as an attractive concrete slab that is mounted in the shade beneath a pair of maple trees. They always catch your eye, these sometimes-elegant symbols of relaxation and temporary rest. Even the busiest city attorney may pause on a courthouse park bench and ponder a moment of peace.

They are all around us, sometimes so much a part of the scenery that we almost fail to notice them. Yet something about a strategically placed park bench can even cause the most active child in a playground to pull up for a moment of silence. Park benches may blend into the scenery, but they are seldom empty for long.

For example: In picturesque world of downtown Concord, N.C. during the spring, summer, and fall months, residents typically enjoy several art walks along the short stretch that makes up Main Street. Participating in the activities makes for an inexpensive and pleasant evening. Near the very center of town, where a cobblestone alleyway leads from a free parking lot just in back of the Main Street stores, there is a crosswalk that has two custom designed city benches on each side of the street. The benches are only two doors down from where the local music store puts on some live, outside entertainment. When talking about park benches that tempt passing pedestrians to share a moment, feel the breeze, and listen to the music, these park benches capture the crowd two by two by two.

Of course, park benches are not limited to city applications. They are often used at universities, campsites, public and private parks, churches, shopping Malls, and even bus stops. This is because the typical park bench serves a dual purpose: 1) It is a place where pedestrians can pause for a moment to take a load off their feet and mind; 2) It is a place where those already at rest can pause to take in the beauty of the world around them.

For example: Visitors to the Lakeshore Nature Preserve at the University of Wisconsin can enjoy a magnificent lakeside view from a newly installed, custom-crafted wood park bench. This bench is located just northwest of the Natatorium near the outlet to Willow Creek. Crafted from wood and iron, this park bench rests upon a concrete pad and provides a clear view of the University’s picnic area. The bay is slightly off to the right. Shade trees and thick grass complete the serenity of the view.

Park benches come in many styles and design. Some are crafted from wood, some from stone. Others are made of solid concrete, coated metal, recycled plastic and more. To the weary traveler, it makes no difference which style of park bench you choose for your project and location. To those seeking to enjoy the atmosphere of a given environment, style and design, materials and shape, location and setting make a world of difference.

Whether choosing a park bench for your school, family run campsite, or the atrium area of your corporate office, take care to purchase a quality park bench that blends into the environment and creates the right sense of solitude and peace.

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