In-Ground vs. Portable: Benefits and Draw Backs

You have decided on your park bench and now you are not sure whether to order. Benches can be portable, in-ground, or surface mounted.

Portable units are exactly what they sound like. Similar to a standard piece of indoor furniture, a portable bench can be moved or stored throughout the year. In most situations where the park bench will be utilized by the public we do not recommend portable units. Unless they are cement, they can be easily stolen or vandalized. A portable park bench becomes a bigger liability than a unit that is secured to the ground via in-ground or surface mounting. A portable park bench is useful for temporary installs such as sports game sidelines.

In-ground mounting is the suggested and preferred method for park benches and other site amenities. With in-ground mounting a mount that is attached to the bottom of the unit is actually sunk into the ground. There are variations of the hardware for this, but it essentially functions as an anchor underground often reinforced with concrete. In-ground mounting is used on trails, in parks, and at camp sites where there are no sidewalks or cement areas to mount to.

Surface mounts are a happy medium if you do not want portability or in-ground mounting. Many park benches come with a surface mount, allowing you to bolt the bench to any surface. It is strong enough to detour theft and vandalism but easy enough to de-install later.

Consider these options with the purchase of picnic tables, trash receptacles, and other public outdoor furnishings you will be installing at your site.

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