How To Customize Your Park Bench

There are many styles, shapes, and sizes for benches these days but beyond that you can also customize your bench.

With many of our park benches you can add text or a logo via engraving or embossing. With engraving you can dedicate a bench in memory to a loved one, promote business organizations, have your own branding to identify ownership, etc. Engraving can be as simple as recessed lettering or it can be relief style engraving that is very detailed.

Not only can you engrave into the wood or recycled plastic, but you can also add a custom logo with colors!


Our coated metal park benches, picnic tables, and trash receptacles can also all be customized! There are a few different processes for metal park benches.

Punch lettering is our most cost effective solution for customizing and the space available is determined by the length of the product. For example, a 6’ bench would be a maximum of 11 characters including spaces. An 8’ bench would be a maximum of 15 characters with spaces. With this process we use standard letting.

Laser lettering is another process that is requested the most that offers greater impact with standard block lettering. The letters are cut out of the metal providing smooth laser cut edges that make the message more visible. This is great for schools that want to put the name on the bench or a sports team.

Custom laser cutting is also available for those that want to utilize their logo and branding. Like laser lettering, the logo will be cut out of the metal with smooth laser cut edges. With custom laser cutting you can use exact replicas of your logo as well as customized typeface and style.

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