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32 Gallon Recycled Plastic Trash Receptacle

Includes: Plastic dome lid and liner Color: Cedar Plastic Dome Lid: Black Liner: Black Flat Top Lid: Green

Rover Climb Over

Dimensions: 54"l x 25"w x 30"h Weight: 100 lbs. Mount: Portable TerraBound Installation Services


Dimensions: 36"l x 36"w x 40"h (above ground) Weight: 50 lbs. Mount: In-ground only TerraBound Installation Services

Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Offer includes 3 Row & 4 Row 9' and 15' units only **SHIPS UNASSEMBLED**
Bleacher SizeDimensionsCapacityWeight
2 Row 7 1/2'L23"H x 36"D875 lbs.
2 Row 9'L23"H x 36"D1281 lbs.
2 Row 15'L23"H x 36"D20188 lbs.
2 Row 21'L23"H x 36"D28181 lbs.
3 Row 7 1/2'L30"H x 60"D15119 lbs.
3 Row 9'L30"H x 60"D24132 lbs.
3 Row 15'L30"H x 60"D36213 lbs.
3 Row 21'L30"H x 60"D42298 lbs.
3 Row 24'L30"H x 60"D48355 lbs.
4 Row 7 1/2'L38"H x 81"D28181 lbs.
4 Row 15'L38"H x 81"D40282 lbs.
4 Row 21'L38"H x 81"D56407 lbs.
5 Row 9'L48"H x 105"D30243 lbs.
5 Row 15'L48"H x 105"D50391 lbs.
5 Row 21'L48"H x 105"D70546 lbs.

Code-Compliant Bleachers

Dimensions: 36"H x 88"D x 21'L (4 row 21' model) Seats Capacity: 47 (4 row 21' model) Weight: 892 lbs. (4 row 21' model)

Providence Trash Receptacle

Product Dimensions: 15"W x 30"H Shipping Dimensions: 44"W x 54"L x 32"H

8ft. High Pool Climbing Wall

Call for a Quote

Dimensions: 48"W x 10' 1/4"H x 3' 7/8"D Climbable Surface: 7' 10 7/16"H Pool Deck: 3' (amount of wall in the water) Number of Climbers: One at a time Choose from Colored panels or Clear Panels

Sentry Dog Waste Station

Size: 73" H x 13" W Weight: 42 lbs Includes: Galvanized U Channel Post, Sign, Bag Dispenser, Can, Hardware, 400 Dog Waste Bags, 50 Waste Can Liners, and Installation Instructions.

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