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Building a Dog Park? We can help! Dog park equipment is the key to transforming your typical dog park into a public destination hot spot. We offer everything from dog playground equipment and exercise equipment to an array of dog waste stations and receptacles, as well as dog drinking fountains. It’s important to keep your dogs entertained while they’re at the park with you; to facilitate this we carry several pieces of play equipment for dogs to keep them happy for their visit. If you’re interested in constructing a complete agility course for dogs you’ll find a plethora of dog playground equipment below allowing you to pick and choose the exact pieces you want to present. Additionally, we offer the choice of a complete dog obstacle course kits to take the guess work out of the equation.

Dog Park Agility Equipment (67)

Eco Friendly Dog Park Equipment (33)

Dog Waste Stations (20)

Dog Outdoor Drinking Fountains (14)

Dog Park Benches (16)

Dog Park Picnic Tables (1)

Dog Park Trash Receptacles (8)

Fire Hydrants (9)

Dog Baths / Swimming Pools (3)

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