Different Styles of Park Benches

There are many durable materials available for your park bench. Cement is obviously the strongest, but then you have coated metal park benches, recycled plastic, and traditional wood. Beyond the wide selection of materials available for park benches there are also styles to consider.

An obvious difference in style would be backless vs. benches with backs. The benefit of a backless bench is that the person sitting on the bench has more movement and versatility. The bench is open on both sides making it more available for seating. The downside of a backless bench is that it is less comfortable for those that need and enjoy the comfort of a bench back and the option of an arm rest. The backless benches also tend to be more economical.

Classic vs. Contemporary
When you think park bench, this classic style is generally what comes to mind. Classic benches typically have the iron or aluminum cast frames with the curvy leaf like design within the frame. The frame supports a series of individual wood slats that are either curved or angled to accommodate a comfortable seat as well as back. Recycled plastic lumber slats can be used in place of the wood for a longer lasting bench.

Contemporary style benches offer a wider range of styles. Often times contemporary styles incorporate metal benches that are powder coated or thermoplastic coated to insure that the metal stays protected for long lasting performance. The benefit of coated metal is that you can do just about any color imaginable and the metal is well protected. Stylistically, the seats and back are usually combined to create a fluid contour in a perforated, diamond rolled, or wire surfacing. Contemporary style benches often echo the design elements of contemporary sculpture – sleek lines and edges with less ornamentation. Many of the metal coated benches can also be added onto to create a bench unit that is two, three, and four times its size.

Sports Benches
There are also basic park benches that look like what you would see on the side lines of a football field. A simple tube frame with a seat and a back offers a simplistic bench that is functional, convenient, and mobile. These types of benches are often used in schools and in the sports industry as player benches where teams can sit on the side lines of the football field. They generally come without any ground mounting so that they can be moved between seasons. They are also a more affordable option and a bit more timeless.

Geometric or Component Benches
Some really interested bench seating employs the use of several smaller pieces to create a large shape. The large shape can entirely wrap around a tree, a garden, or a sculpture. This style of bench is really effective at conserving space and creating a focal point on an element. You can create a nice half or whole hexagon shape with our Geometric Style Benches or a half or whole circle with our recycled plastic Mesa benches

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