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Round Bike Rack

Includes: (1) Round Rack Dimensions: 40"W x 35"H Capacity: up to 2 bikes per rack Frame: 1.9" Pipe

Swerve Rack

Dimensions: 21.5"W x 34"H Capacity: up to 12 bikes with 6 unit rack Frame: 1.9" Pipe

Switchback Bike Rack

Dimensions: 14"W x 18.5"H Capacity: 1 bike

U-Lockit Bike Rack

Includes: (1) Hoop Dimensions: 20"W x 29"H Capacity: up to 2 bikes per hoop Frame: 3" Pipe

Ultra Space Saver Single Bike Rack

Dimensions: 42"W x 36"H Capacity: up to 11 bikes with 5H unit rack Frame: 2.375" Pipe

Downtown Bike Rack

Dimensions: 30"W x 36"H x 2"D Capacity: 2 bikes Note: 2 bike capacity units (only) ship free standard ground shipping Frame: 2" x 2" x 3/16" square tube

Cycle Stall Kit

Dimensions: 18'L (single), 36'L (double) Capacity: 10-22 bikes Frame: 1.5" schedule 40 pipe Wheel Stops: Recycled plastic Single Rack Includes: bike rack, 2 recycled plastic car stops, and 2 bollards. Double Rack Includes: 2 bike racks, 2 recycled plastic car stops, and 3 bollards.

Bike File

Dimensions: 8'W Constructions: Galvanized

Bike Track Rack

Dimensions: 8’ length sections park 13 bikes each Constructions: Galvanized

Event Bike Rack

Dimensions: 121"W x 31"H x 47"D Capacity: 14 bikes Frame: .75" steel tube Constructions: Galvanized

Saddle Buddy Bike Rack

Dimensions: 50.5"W x 45"H Constructions: Galvanized

Bike Bike Rack

Dimensions: 67"W x 42"H x 2"D Capacity: 2-4 bikes Frame: 1.5" OD 11 Gauge Tube