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Bone Bin Trash Receptacle

Dimensions: 30”H x 22”D Weight: 102 lbs.

Bone Hoop Jump

Dimensions: 54” W x 62” H Weight: 55 lbs.

Bone Pet Waste Station

Dimensions: 13” L x 10” W x 77” H Weight: 33 lbs. **Fits 1 qty roll of 200 bags at a time**

Bone Yard Obstacle Course

Includes: Teeter Totter, Tunnel Run, Adventure Peak, Starter Platform, Me and My Pal Bench, Hoop Jump, and the Canine Condo. Dimensions: 45’ x 45’ Weight: 1019 lbs.

Bow Wow Obstacle Course

Includes: Tug Around, Tunnel Run, Hoop Jump, Canine Condo, Adjustable Jump, and a Pet Waste Station. Dimensions: 40’ x 40’ Weight: 629 lbs.

Dingo Obstacle Course

Includes: Tunnel Run, Ramp and Steps, Stepping Cluster, Adjustable Jump, and the Tug Around. Dimensions: 35’ x 35’ Weight: 455 lbs.

Dog Park 6ft Bench

Dimensions: 72” L x 26” W x 31” H Weight: 150 lbs.

Dog Park Adjustable Jump

Dimensions: 37” L x 26” W x 11” H Weight: 51 lbs.

Dog Park Rules Sign

Dimensions: 24” L x 4” W x 78” H Weight: 77 lbs.

Dog Park Stepping Cluster

Dimensions: 115” L x 15” H Weight: 77 lbs.

Essentials Obstacle Course

Includes: Leash Post, Bone Bin Trash Receptacle, 6' Bench, and a Pet Waste Station. Dimensions: 15’ x 15’ Weight: 311 lbs.

Hound Obstacle Course

Includes: Ramp and Steps, Tunnel Run, Tug Around, Starter Platform, Hoop Jump, and the Stepping Cluster. Dimensions: 35’ x 35’ Weight: 539 lbs.