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Tip-N-Roll Bleachers

Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US on Select Sizes. Offer includes 3 Row & 4 Row 9' and 15' units only **SHIPS UNASSEMBLED**
Bleacher SizeDimensionsCapacityWeight
2 Row 7 1/2'L23"H x 36"D875 lbs.
2 Row 9'L23"H x 36"D1281 lbs.
2 Row 15'L23"H x 36"D20188 lbs.
2 Row 21'L23"H x 36"D28181 lbs.
3 Row 7 1/2'L30"H x 60"D15119 lbs.
3 Row 9'L30"H x 60"D24132 lbs.
3 Row 15'L30"H x 60"D36213 lbs.
3 Row 21'L30"H x 60"D42298 lbs.
3 Row 24'L30"H x 60"D48355 lbs.
4 Row 7 1/2'L38"H x 81"D28181 lbs.
4 Row 15'L38"H x 81"D40282 lbs.
4 Row 21'L38"H x 81"D56407 lbs.
5 Row 9'L48"H x 105"D30243 lbs.
5 Row 15'L48"H x 105"D50391 lbs.
5 Row 21'L48"H x 105"D70546 lbs.