Benefits of Aluminum Bleachers

Aluminum bleachers have been a staple of ballparks, football fields, race tracks, and countless other venues for decades. They’re nearly as common of a sight at a sports field as a scoreboard. There are several different materials bleachers can be constructed from (wood and galvanized steel as two other options) but aluminum has forever been the go-to option for nearly every bleacher application out there.

What’s made aluminum the reigning king of the sports bleachers? The first aspect that comes to mind is their longevity. Whenever you’re planning any type of permanent public venue getting your money’s worth and a high return on your investment is a must. Aluminum is a longer-lasting material than wooden bleachers allowing them to stay in use for longer periods of time save you on costly replacements or repairs down the road.

The comparisons you can make between the older style wood bleachers and modern aluminum all lean towards aluminum heavily. Wood, while appealing for its low cost, carries a very short life span compared to aluminum. This combined with the possibility of rotting and splintering can actually make wooden bleachers more expensive over their life from replacements and repairs compared to aluminum. There are few worse things as a venue owner to face than one of your patrons getting injured by sitting on a faulty, outdated, and dangerous bleacher arrangement.

Aluminum shines throughout the construction industry thanks to its tremendous weight to strength ratio. It’s absolutely imperative that a bleacher arrangement is constructed to be able to hold the weight of its spectators when fully filled but at the same time you don’t want an arrangement that’s absurdly heavy for its size (specifically if you’re interested in portable bleachers or tow-capable bleachers). For these reasons aluminum shines as a bleacher material. Its strength is on part of that with full metal bleachers while have a fraction of the weight making them not only easier to transport but also less expensive to manufacture.

While galvanized bleachers offer a heavier structure for your arrangements aluminum’s success has come from that perfect balance of cost, safety, strength, and longevity. Out of every available material to construct bleachers out of aluminum is easily the best bang for your buck that you can go after. While aluminum’s competitor’s shift their balance in opposite directions (wood’s cheaper cost and galvanized bleachers’ sturdiness) neither can claim the jack-of-all-trades title that aluminum holds.

When considering what material to order your sports bleachers or grandstands in, aluminum is clearly the number one choice in the matter not only for the safety and comfort of your spectators but for the ease on your budget as well.

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