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When venturing outdoors, families often use picnic tables to sit at and enjoy the weather. These tables are commonly used for eating and socializing as well. Wheelchair accessible picnic tables are convenient because they allow a person in a wheelchair to join in on these activities by sitting comfortably at the picnic table.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an act that was put into place to prevent discrimination against those with a disability. This act ensures that all areas, such as parks, provide the same enjoyment opportunities for those with a disability as those without. ADA accessible picnic tables can be found in many public parks and picnic areas as part of this disability act. ADA also requires that those with disabilities are given other equal opportunities, such as employment and independent living. Having the picnic tables available in public settings makes outdoor activities much easier for those using a wheelchair.

You can purchase these tables made out of different materials. The picnic tables may be made out of materials such as; aluminum, concrete, coated metal, recycled plastic and wood. Each material has different pros and cons. Concrete and coated metal tables are very durable and will last for a very long time, however these materials are heavy and can be hard to move around if you want to relocate the table. Wood picnic tables are light and easy to move, but they won’t last as long as metal tables. Choosing the right picnic table depends on where it is going to be used.

There are certain guidelines that are followed when building this type of picnic table. They are made to follow certain measurement such as; clear floor space being a minimum of 30×48 inches. Following these guidelines allows the table to be accessible by all different shapes and sizes of wheelchairs. Also, depending on the perimeter of the picnic table, the amount of wheelchair spaces available will vary. The tables can provide anywhere from 1-6 wheelchair seating areas.

Picnic tables come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and one can be found to meet anyone’s needs. The tables vary from rectangle, square to circle to octagon in shape. Some tables allow the wheelchair to be seated at the end of the table, while others have an area in between the benches where the wheelchair can be placed. The most commonly found accessible wheelchairs and made out of wood and have a space in the center for the wheelchair. Choosing the style of the picnic tables depends on how much seating is needed and where you’d like the wheelchair to be positioned. There is a very large variety of styles available to choose from.

Having one of these picnic tables available is very convenient. They will help to make outdoor living much easier for those using a wheelchair at parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, etc.

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